Life and death are on an Island together

Life said, “What will we do? Are you not afraid?”
Death replied, “Afraid! Afraid of what? Fear is only a thought of the living, an illusion created by the ego to fear me.
We have been on this Island together for an eternity and I have never done you any harm. I only wait until you
are ready to see through fear and I will disappear and when I do you will live like never before.
You will fear nothing not even me, your friend, death.
I am always with you, God created me to escort you through the illusion of life at its end.”
Life then looked death in the eye and said; “Why have I feared you all this time?”
Death said, “Perhaps it’s because you have never faced me before this day, had you not waited until now,
and inquired of me and my purpose sooner, you would have known that I am your escort to the grand banquet
that God has prepared for you after you have done your living.” Life then asked death, ” why do humans want to die
sometimes?” Death replied, “They have forgotten that they are spirits and can never die. They think that I can save them from their fears,
 when there is and has never been anything to fear. I can not save anyone, I am death.
Also, humans were created “to be” not “to do.”
When they do and do and do they have no time to just be,
 and by doing they can not be what they were created to be and that is a human “being.” So they
want to rest and they think that I will bring them rest when the opposite is true.
 If a human will be a human being and not a human doing,
rest and freedom come naturally from God.” Life said to death,” why do you know so much and I so little?”
Death then replied, “because you focus to much on the illusions in this playground, nothing can hurt you. You are LIFE!
Remember God only made me as an escort, we are not opposites, I love you, I only want you never to fear me and when God
takes you from this material world I escort you to a place that is more real than anything you have ever experienced thus far.
However, if you are thinking about death and fearing me, you can not be who you were created to be and that is Life!”


One Response to “Life and death are on an Island together”

  1. thekeynote00 Says:

    interesting illustration…
    Jesus said to those who believe in him have already moved from death to life… and death has lost its sting, its victory… so death is nothing to be feared.

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